Jun 23, 2006

Am I using SMS effectively

On my daily work, I email, IM and make calls on my mobile phone with my colleagues, and occasionally I receive fairly long and informative SMS messages from my boss. But I rarely exchange messages with colleagues and they are rarely longer than 3 words.
These long and informative messages made me realize, there is a whole world of communication using SMS and MMS that needs my attention to be used more effectively. I can benefit from mobile messaging in two ways. The obvious reason is it allows me to communicate from anywhere on the world. Also it adds a different mode of communication then email, IM and voice. It provides a lower prioritazition then voice and IM but higher one than email.
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Jun 18, 2006

WTP 1.5 almost there

We are almost at the end of a development cycle for WTP. The latest integration build is availlable for download here. This build, unless major issues discovered, will be the official 1.5 release and will be part of the eclipse Calisto release.
This WTP release is probably the best quality release produced so far, WTP 1.0 users will not notice many new features but a fairly good quality. Of course, I do not mean it is without problems but you should be able to get around those you encounter easily. And if you wish to have those fixed please open a bug report and better yet provide a patch so that they are fixed in our next relase 1.5.1
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eSWT destined to achieve more?

If you have not been "lost" on some remote island for the last few years, you already now that SWT provides a powerful java based UI toolkit for desktop applications. And you are also aware that toolkits with similar capabilities exists to provide alternatives to SWT. The situation for the SWT's mobile sibling eSWT is quite different. On the mobile market, there is only one UI toolkit with the ability to reach a large number of mobile devices, that is LCDUI. (Yes I know, eSWT is the second but let's not get into that)

Although there are incentives to correct that, lack of sophisticated infrastructure API is a fundamental problem in mobile java world today and LCDUI is not an exception. LCDUI provides a very limited API. This API provides very basic widgets and plumbing for developing custom widgets. As a result most of the mobile java applications we have today are either games or applications that has developed their own widget sets basically form scratch. For some, developing own widget set may sound like a cool idea, but this is hard work and for mobile it includes extensive testing for all the mobile devices targeted.

eSWT inherits a subset of SWT widgets and adds some widgets specific to mobile world. This supplies an adequate API for most applications, for those missing pieces it is possible to provide custom widgets based on eSWT widgets. Further, It is even possible to use some of the existing custom widgets that have been developed for SWT. eSWT is trying to fill a gap present on the mobile java UI toolkits. As the availability of it grows to cover more devices and mobile platforms, we will see more of eSWT in our pockets for sure. The real curious thing is whether can eSWT can change the way we think about mobile java user interfaces.
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