Nov 8, 2006

If only Browser control had access to DOM tree

Nowadays there are very many AJAX based widgets out there so that it would be very useful to be able to use them directly with a RCP/eRCP application. I was trying such a scenario and as expected, using the SWT Browser control everything went smoothly, the result was success. Then I decided that it would be great if I could create some sort of integration with my application and the AJAX widget so that I can replace some values so that the AJAX widget is integrated with the rest of the application without a need to reload the URL. Unfortunately, this was much harder to achieve since the Browser control did not provide any access to the DOM. I think on a world where AJAX based widgets are common it makes sense to be able to integrate with them on the RCP/eRCP applications. Eclipse 3.3 release may be a very good time to have bug 57477 so that this integration becomes a possibility and provides an edge to our RCP/eRCP.