Mar 19, 2007

eRCP: what the fireman needs

I am discovering a new area for eRCP applications. I have seen some very interesting applications and exciting ideas on eRCP applications targeted for public workers (nurses, doctors, fire dept. and such). I have created a short list of advantages that eRCP provides to those applications.
  • Updatability: The number of devices that needs to be maintained is large (think about post office workers or police officers in your city). eRCP makes it easier for them to maintain their applications.
  • Updatability(again): Some of those applications interface other devices such as health monitors, it is not practical to load the drivers that interpret received data as these devices vary. Applications should be able to pull the required driver when needed, while running.
  • Disconnected operation: Network connection is not available at all times. eRCP applications can be designed to work both connected and disconnected mode.
  • User interface: eRCP applications use eSWT and already have the native user interface. The users of the devices are already familiar with the navigation styles, input methods etc. which lowers the training required for the applications.