May 27, 2007

OSGi, JSR-232, eRCP and Sprint

InfoQ has a good article that summarizes what is currently happening and why they are happening in eRCP, JSR-232 and OSGi on mobile space. I strongly recommend the article but in case you just want to have a quick summary of the recent developments here is my list.

  • Nokia is releasing eRCP targeted for use with E90 handset. The package includes the first public appearance of eSWT implementation for S60 platform
  • Sprint defining a new platform named Titan platform that is based on JSR-232 and eRCP
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May 21, 2007

Midlets with eSWT

Should eSWT be available for midlets? I believe it should. Here are my reasons.

  • eSWT is a great UI toolkit with features beyond mobile UI toolkits, that are compatible to desktop UI toolkits
  • It requires only CLDC
  • CLDC+MIDP is the most common java ME configuration
  • An advanced UI toolkit is(or was) a big missing piece on CLDC+MIDP if not all java ME space
  • Availability of eSWT on midlets makes it easier for the applications to transition to eRCP

In what platforms will it available? S60 may just be the first one to do that.

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