Jun 22, 2007

New generic server fetaures in Europa

I know, I usually post about mobile java and eRCP, but eRCP is not the only eclipse project I am involved in. As the Europa release is around the corner, I feel, I should highlight some of the new features on the WTP(webtools) generic server framework that will be interest to those who develop and maintain server integrations in WTP.

Thanks to contributions from John O'Shea and David Black from Capeclear, generic server serverdef files now has a new friend, the runtimedef file. With runtimedef files it is possible to reuse parts of generic server definitions. I suspect, this new feature will be popular among those folks who needs to support the same server with SOA extensions and some blend of portal software or ESB software. You can read the details in this bug report.

A new improvement has been added to the way classpaths are defined in serverdef/runtimedef files. Starting with Europa you can define ANT style filesets in classpath definitions in addition to archives. Here is an example snippet that shows how it works.

<classpath id="jboss.project" >
<fileset dir="${serverRootDirectory}">
<include name="client/*.jar" />
<include name="server/default/lib/*.jar" />

I am now updating the generic server article with these details and it will be ready for the Europa release.