Jul 27, 2007

A new breed of mobile applications and Eclipse

For a change, I want to tell about a software that is not based on Eclipse technology. The mobile web server can be best described as the Apache HTTP server running on a mobile phone. Mobile web server also includes a port of the mod_python module that enables python web applications. Python and Apache http server creates a powerful platform to create a new breed of mobile applications for mobile phones.

So what is the use of having a web server in your pocket? Mobile web server comes with a few application examples. For instance, publishing your calendar or contact information or running your own blog right from your phone. There is even an application that takes a picture using your phone's camera, remotely. You can check out the rest of the features on mobile web server's site.

It is not a surprise for Eclipse and OSGi veterans when I say Eclipse has been providing the same functionality for the mobile phones since the day eRCP 1.0 released. I am referring to the OSGi HTTP service which complemented with JSPs, and servlets provides the same functionality. Of course, unlike Apache HTTP server + python solution, eRCP is not limited to web applications and delivers OSGi based rich UI applications that uses eSWT for native like UI.

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Jul 10, 2007

No SWT book? Well, almost

When implementing eRCP for the S60 platform, we use three main resources in our SWT/eSWT implementation team at Nokia. SWT/eSWT javadocs. SWT book by Steve Northover & Mike Wilson, also referred as "the book" within Nokia's eSWT/eRCP team. And the most important, the source code for the existing implementations.

I have been chatting with a fellow eSWT implementer for an up and coming implementation a while ago. He complained that "the book" is no longer available from Amazon. It looks like amazon no longer has it, so does the publisher's site. But no need to panic, I found out that safari books online includes it. If you prefer paper & ink books over online, like myself. Unfortunately, I have no information on the future availability.

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Jul 2, 2007

How to use eSWT with Midlets

I have already written my reasons why eSWT on midlets makes sense. Judging from what I have been receiving from several channels, there is a good interest for it as well. Fortunately (surprise! surprise!) , we have been experimenting with eSWT midlets for a while in Nokia. Jussi Suistomaa, who is a commiter in eRCP project, have put together a brief how to document from this experience(OK, I did the editing for wiki). If you are interested, please read the wiki and let me know about any comments, questions, doubts.

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