Jul 27, 2007

A new breed of mobile applications and Eclipse

For a change, I want to tell about a software that is not based on Eclipse technology. The mobile web server can be best described as the Apache HTTP server running on a mobile phone. Mobile web server also includes a port of the mod_python module that enables python web applications. Python and Apache http server creates a powerful platform to create a new breed of mobile applications for mobile phones.

So what is the use of having a web server in your pocket? Mobile web server comes with a few application examples. For instance, publishing your calendar or contact information or running your own blog right from your phone. There is even an application that takes a picture using your phone's camera, remotely. You can check out the rest of the features on mobile web server's site.

It is not a surprise for Eclipse and OSGi veterans when I say Eclipse has been providing the same functionality for the mobile phones since the day eRCP 1.0 released. I am referring to the OSGi HTTP service which complemented with JSPs, and servlets provides the same functionality. Of course, unlike Apache HTTP server + python solution, eRCP is not limited to web applications and delivers OSGi based rich UI applications that uses eSWT for native like UI.