Aug 21, 2007

eSWT is not eRCP

Although, eSWT is assumed to be dependent on the other parts of eRCP by many. The relationship between eRCP and eSWT is similar to RCP and SWT. eSWT does not have dependencies to other components of the eRCP. It can exist on a mobile device independently.

There is a key difference with eSWT though. Unlike the other components of the eRCP, which requires CDC, eSWT requires only CLDC. CLDC with MIDP is the most commonly deployed mobile java platform.

CLDC+MIDP desperately lacks a UI toolkit with advanced features. This is part of the reason, why the number of mobile business & productivity applications are less than mobile java games.

The solution is coming from eclipse. In 2007, we have seen growing interest from mobile phone manufacturers and mobile network operators to eRCP and eSWT. As early as next year, we will start to see mobile phones with eSWT available for use on CLDC/MIDP. eSWT, in addition to its role in eRCP, is the next generation UI toolkit for the MIDP. I hope that Wayne has enough eclipse installed stickers for this largest deployment of eclipse technology.