Oct 31, 2007

10 über cool eSWT features for MIDP developers

Together with some of the people working on S60's java platforms, we came up with a list of the coolest eSWT features we believe the MIDP developers will appreciate most. Because I wanted to limit it to ten items, and did not want to write a book for a blog post, it is not a complete list of eSWT features. It is a list for MIDP crowd extracted from a discussion with MIDP crowd.

Here is the list in no particular order.

  • Advanced widgets such as Table, Tree, Browser and ListBox: So far MIDP developers were creating their custom widgets to get the same advanced functionality. I am sure not having to create custom widgets for will be appreciated.
  • Layout Managers: eSWT comes with desktop java layout managers that will ensure the application scales to different screen sizes.
  • Inline text editors: MIDP is not stuck with the full screen text anymore. Text can be positioned anywhere with full benefits of the platform supported text editing facilities including edit modes and T9.
  • Pop-up windows: Using eSWT Shells it is possible to create info pop-ups and even your own custom dialogs.
  • Access to native dialogs such as FileDialog, DirectoryDialog, ColorDialog and others: Now java applications can use the same dialogs as the native applications of the platform.
  • Clipboard access: This is pretty obvious but amazing you can copy data to and from platform`s system clipboard.
  • Saving images to files: Create images on memory, change them and save them to a file. This makes taking screenshots on your mobile java applications a breeze.
  • Menus and Commands done right: It is possible to have multiple levels of menus or commands. You can use images on them or have check, radio style menus.
  • Query device capabilities: Use eSWT's MobileDevice to discover input or screen capabilities of device, even get notifications of changes such as a Bluetooth keyboard added and adjust application behavior
  • Events, and many of them: Mobile java applications can get notifications of everything happening in your UI, keys, mouse, selections, traverses, and many other.

And a bonus feature,

  • Open source implementation: Got a problem have a look at the code, better create a patch to fix it. Discuss your problem or a missing feature with the implementation team