Oct 8, 2007

eSWT for S60, First Contact

Forum Nokia has released a plug-in to S60 3rd edition FP2 MIDP beta SDK, that will enable the development of eSWT based midlets using the SDK. eSWT support will be part of the final MIDP SDK.

This is very significant because for the first time that eSWT implementation for S60 is made available for developers. If you are a MIDP developer, please do check out the extended capabilities of the eSWT toolkit. If you are an eclipse veteran, I am sure that you will enjoy working with the all familiar SWT concepts and APIs when developing for mobile.

In order to get started, you may want to check out my older posts about the information available for eSWT and the midlet how to document. If you seek help on eSWT issues eRCP newsgroup is the place to ask questions. If you discover bugs, eclipse bugzilla now lists S60 as one of the target operating systems.

We are now starting to push the S60 implementation to eclipse CVS and the development of the implementation will continue in the open. If you are a Symbian developer or want to learn about Symbian who wants to contribute to the project, do not hesitate to contact the project mailing list.