Nov 27, 2007

eRCP running on N800 internet tablet

A little bit of hacking and I was able to run eRCP to some extend on N800 internet tablet. Here is a screenshot from the eRCP workbench running on internet tablet.

eRCP, eSWT, running on Maemo N800

A picture can sometimes be misleading though I was not able to run eUpdate and workbench still needs some work. As I have posted earlier, eSWT implementation for GTK+ is missing a lot of components especially the mobile extensions.

Working with Maemo and N800 to get eRCP running this far has been a very positive experience. Maemo is one of the easiest platforms to work with as mobile platforms concerned.

Of course, in order to be able to add Maemo as one of the supported platforms for eRCP, we need more than my initial hacking. That means we need your help to complete it. If you are interested, use the eRCP developers mailing list to let me know about your interest. I am sure that you will get started with eRCP hacking on internet tablet in no time.

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Nov 16, 2007

GTK+ implementation for eSWT

eRCP project received code contribution for the GTK+ implementation for eSWT. The contribution includes the complete implementation for only eSWT core components so there is work needed to complete the implementation.

The GTK+ implementation will enable eRCP project in two fronts. It will allow eRCP applications to run on the mobile Linux devices, a selfish interest of mine because I have got a N800.

It will allow eRCP project to release a SDK for Linux which will allow eRCP developers to use Linux as their development environment.

On the negative side, there are no active committers working with the code. I know that these calls for help are usually futile but if you are interested GTK+ may just be the coolest implementation of eSWT to work on.

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Nov 6, 2007

What does GPhone and Eclipse eRCP have in common

I was reading the overview of the Google's recently announced Android (a.k.a Google Phone). The information is very scarce at the moment to comment about any technical details but I am under the impression that Android shares some of the properties and goals of the eRCP project.

First the most obvious, it is "open", for real. It is licensed under Apache license. A license that is equally friendly to manufacturers and operators just like Eclipse's EPL. One of the reasons why eRCP is one of the rare cases of an open source technology being adopted by the mobile industry.

It aims to "allow developers to build rich mobile applications". This is what eRCP is bringing to mobile world especially with eSWT and that is why eSWT is one of the most improved part of the eRCP on every release.

Another subheading in the overview is "All applications are created equal". I guess this sounds very familiar to Eclipse plug-in developers. Isn't "all plug-ins are equal" the second most repeated sentence by Jeff McAffer, after "plug-ins equals bundles" for the last few years.

"Fast & easy application development". eRCP tries to achieve this by providing a desktop version of the eRCP runtime and utilizing the Eclipse PDE and JDT. At the same time the single implementation with collaboration ensures that eRCP works same across platforms. It will be interesting to see the tooling story on Android.

Without any infromation other than the overview of Android and the fact that it includes a java solution, I will not be surprised if Android includes an OSGi based middleware(or something very close to OSGi) like eRCP to achieve above.

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