Nov 27, 2007

eRCP running on N800 internet tablet

A little bit of hacking and I was able to run eRCP to some extend on N800 internet tablet. Here is a screenshot from the eRCP workbench running on internet tablet.

eRCP, eSWT, running on Maemo N800

A picture can sometimes be misleading though I was not able to run eUpdate and workbench still needs some work. As I have posted earlier, eSWT implementation for GTK+ is missing a lot of components especially the mobile extensions.

Working with Maemo and N800 to get eRCP running this far has been a very positive experience. Maemo is one of the easiest platforms to work with as mobile platforms concerned.

Of course, in order to be able to add Maemo as one of the supported platforms for eRCP, we need more than my initial hacking. That means we need your help to complete it. If you are interested, use the eRCP developers mailing list to let me know about your interest. I am sure that you will get started with eRCP hacking on internet tablet in no time.