Dec 16, 2007

Java ME developers library published

More good news on eRCP/eSWT related documentation. Forum Nokia, has released the 2.1 version of the documentation for java developers. The library now includes a section for eSWT which explains eSWT use with MIDlets accompanied with an overview of the eSWT toolkit. The library also now ships eSWT 1.0 javadoc as a reference. The documentation is available online as well as an eclipse plug-in.

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Dec 13, 2007

eRCP documentation available online

The benefit of using the eclipse help plug-ins is they make it really easy to get the content online. eRCP 1.1 documentation is now available on the DSDP project's help site for your viewing pleasure.

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Dec 4, 2007

eRCP webinar on Eclipse Live

I will hold a webinar on eclipse live on December 13. Webinar is about getting started with eRCP. It will have a short introduction to what is eRCP about and its architecture? I plan to demonstrate how to develop eRCP applications using the Eclipse PDE on windows and then show how to deploy it to a real device. I am hoping that this will be a valuable resource for getting started with the eRCP development.

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