Feb 10, 2008

Sun talks OSGi on JavaOne?

I had a couple of session proposals for the JavaOne 2008 conference on eRCP and eSWT. They did not go through. I first thought that eRCP project would not be presented in the technical sessions of the JavaOne conference at all. Then I have noticed this session, apparently Sun wanted to keep the opportunity to talk about OSGi on the mobile java to herself. From the looks of it, the talk is mainly about Sprint's titan developer platform which I have blogged about some time ago. I am glad it is rather Darryl Mocek from Sun than I, talking about eRCP related technologies.
If you are interested on how to develop applications for the eRCP (or next generation mobile java as some call it) we will have a tutorial at EclipseCon 2008, see you all at EclipseCon.