Aug 16, 2008

eSWT code for Symbian S60 is available

The code for eSWT implementation for S60 is available in Eclipse’s CVS repository now. Nokia’s eSWT team had been ready to push the code for about a year now. Unfortunately, team had to wait the release of the S60 FP2 SDK which would enable Eclipse community to further develop eSWT for S60. The contributed code is the same code that is shipped by the announced S60 based Nokia and Samsung phones. However, CVS repository also includes some additional bug fixes.

Speaking of bugs, the way to report bugs for the S60 eSWT implementation is through the Eclipse bugzilla. Nokia eSWT team will also be handling the eSWT bugs (that are not directly related to unannounced devices) this way, so Eclipse bugzilla is the place to report eSWT problems on your phone.

Unfortunately, binary downloads for the S60 eSWT is not yet available due to legal and administrative reasons. The binaries for updating eSWT on the phones requires us to sign them. Actually, it may be possible to do the signing with Nokia’s certificate since Nokia is an active contributor and the distributed binaries will be targeting Nokia phones.  We are now trying to agree on a good way of doing the signing that will be acceptable by both Nokia and Eclipse. In the mean time, we have the possibility to provide binaries to update the eSWT that is available on S60 FP2 SDK. If you think that the SDK update would be useful even without the phone binaries, let me or the eRCP developer mailing list know about it.