Oct 20, 2008

A Qt port for S60

Nokia has just announced an early preview version of the Qt on S60 platform. This is a very early release with limited functionality and integration to S60. You can read more about it from this blog entry. What does that mean for eSWT on S60? Well, that remains to be seen.

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Oct 6, 2008

More on Mylyn Connector for ScrumWorks

I have released a preview version of the Mylyn Connector for ScrumWorks that I have blogged about some time ago. There is now a google group that hosts the update site.

I call this a “preview” version because this is a read-only version of the connector. After giving it some thought, I have decided not to make this open source. It is funny, whenever I do something related to Eclipse I assume that it should be open source. However, After struggling with my reflexes for a while I reached the conclusion that open sourcing this plugin is not really essential for Eclipse.

If you are using ScrumWorks and Mylyn, please give a try and provide feedback on the group, it will be highly appreciated.

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Oct 1, 2008

Attending Oredev Conference

I will be attending the Oredev conference in Malmö, Sweeden. My talk will be about eSWT and what it brings to the future of mobile Java. Conference seems to have a good overall coverage on the Mobile track, and that is not only because I will be there. Oredev takes place between 19-21 November. This means it is unlikely for me to attend another great conference.
On another note, the conference organizers have been kind to sent the below postcard image for promoting the conference. I think they are better than the usual banners.
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