Nov 26, 2008

eRCP has a new home

The move of eRCP project from DSDP to RT top-level project is now complete. Associated with the move there are several address changes.

  • eRCP CVS has moved to RT repository. We took the opportunity and restructured the repository. The old and new locations of the projects are listed here.
  • eRCP developer’s mailing list is renamed to ercp-dev. Curiously, this is the mailing list we have used before moving to DSDP so in a way we have returned to our original mailing list.
  • eRCP user’s newsgroup also moved. The new newsgroup is eclipse.ercp.


Now with the new move, I hope we will be able to create more synergies between the runtime projects and will be able to raise the awareness to eRCP and the use of Eclipse technology in mobile runtimes.