Feb 19, 2009

Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group

I am very pleased about the progress that have been made on the very first industrial working group of Eclipse. The initial discussions about a “Mobile Industry Working Group” was started during EclipseCon 2008. This time he initial discussions did lead to some progress and EMIWG got established with its initial participants as Nokia and Motorola with this charter.

Recently, RIM, SonyEricsson and IBM have also announced their participation on the working group. With their participation, I think the working group is now covering a good portion of the industry. Come to think of it, it covers most of the manufacturers that carry Java ME, however I must note that the group’s scope goes beyond Java ME and covers mobile web and native. Currently, an effort started for defining a “Mobile Application Development Kit” that aims to define and package Eclipse projects for mobile development. Now that the momentum is growing around the working group, I think we will possibly see some goodness coming from this very first Eclipse industry working group. If you are interested to see what is it about, or participate, you can find information including the participation information on the wiki.

Before anyone asks; yes, “Eclipse Mobile Industry Working Group“ is a bad name also the “Mobile Application Development Kit” is no good either. There are a few new names proposed for them and new proposals are welcome.