Apr 22, 2009

A MIDP cloud platform

I was an early previewer for the Nemo platform from Everypoint. Everypoint is a mobile startup company from Boston. Their platform is  based on MIDP 2.x so it is probably usable on most of the mobile phones today.

Platform includes a scripting language and a vector graphics engine for creating the UIs for applications that are based on this platform. Actually, there is nothing impressive about a scripting language on MIDP nowadays. Nokia’s own Widsets platform had that for a long time. Also the current version of the JavaFx mobile is mostly about scripting combined with vector graphics. Before anyone asks, I do not believe these vector graphics or graphics emulated UIs are the viable answer to the UI problem on mobile Java. The native smartphone UI is really powerful today and the real answer lies on APIs to unlock the native UI to Java applications. If you have been following this blog you know that is the definition of eSWT.

What is more interesting about the Nemo platform is the cloud computing capabilities that they have baked into the platform. They have a bunch of Cloud Services which runs on Amazon’s EC2. These services provide push notification and synchronization of content to the client. Although I was not able to test it extensively myself but service is claimed to be very efficient. I know, Widsets platform I have mentioned above, also have some similar services but Nemo cloud services seems to aim a broader range of applications.

I believe that the mobile cloud computing is a somehow forgotten area where large companies barely exist. It is pleasing to see that startups are discovering this and moving into it.