May 19, 2009

eSWT features on Eclipse MTJ RC1

Eclipse MTJ project has done the MTJ 1.0 RC1 release yesterday. MTJ team has been working on bringing in new features and completing the initial set of APIs. RC1 release marks the feature freeze for the MTJ 1.0 release and this is a good time to test MTJ and report any bugs.

A couple of new eSWT features are also included in this release that makes me smile. The “New Midlet Wizard“ now includes an option for creating a Hello World eSWT midlet. When this option is selected the wizard will create a simple midlet that uses eSWT.


There is also code assist template support for eSWT’s mobile extension widgets when using the java editor. This feature extends the SWT templates to include the eSWT specific widgets.


I hope, you have as much fun using the new features as I had when developing them. Please keep the bug reports and enhancement requests coming.