May 27, 2009

Nokia Ovi store and Java verified confusions

Nokia has launched is application store called Ovi store yesterday. Store seems to carry a lot of good content even today. I was browsing some of the content yesterday and I have even marked one or two applications which I am planning to purchase on the next convenient time (read when I can play with them). I guess this the whole idea about application stores.

I believe Ovi store is the first application store to carry Java ME applications. Therefore, if you are a Java ME developer the chances are you are interested on publishing your application to Ovi store. It seems like there had been a confusion among the Java developers about the acceptance criteria for the Java ME applications. Frankly, I have read the guidelines provided and I was confused as well. So I asked the guy who knows the guy to clarify. Here is what I have been told.

Java ME applications are accepted to the Ovi store only if they are able to meet Java Verified criteria. If your application is tested and verified by the Java Verified program, Ovi store will accept it. This does not mean that going through the Java Verified testing is the only option. You can also submit any VeriSign signed Java ME midlet to Ovi store. You still need to make sure that it meets the Java Verified criteria because it will be tested by the Ovi store before being accepted. Before anyone asks, I do not have any information if there are additional costs involved with Ovi store testing and also do not know about the time it takes for testing.

I hope this clears the confusion a bit. I somehow think that I would lean towards going through the Java Verified process if I was allowed to publish to Ovi. But I have no experience with the Java Verified so the comments are open for opinions on that.

Of course, this post would not be complete without hooking it to the eSWT. You can also publish eSWT based midlets to Ovi store. eSWT is supported by all these Nokia devices. And if your eSWT application makes it big, remember we love (chocolate)doughnuts over here in eSWTland.