Jun 10, 2009

CSS support on Qt port of eSWT

As I have blogged on my earlier post, we are replacing the eSWT implementation on Nokia S60 with a Qt based one. As part of the port we have experimented with some new cool features. One of them is the CSS styling support.
Here is a video of a demo that is showing the feature. Some of notable things on the demo are linear and circular gradient backgrounds and rounded corners on all widgets. Also styles actually set a top margin to some of the widgets and that works perfectly together with GridLayout used.

Of course no eSWT demo is complete without running the same on mobile. Here is the same example application running on Nokia S60 SDK.

The current state of the contribution is it is submitted to Eclipse for IP check. We are hoping to make the code available as soon as that completes. In the meanwhile, we are looking for individuals and companies who are willing to contribute to the effort to complete the implementation to SWT level APIs.