Jul 21, 2009

Nokia Test for Scrum

I have seen several references to this test that Nokia uses to identify the progress of Scrum practices on her development teams. The test is genuine. In fact, when Nokia decided to use agile software development processes for all its software development on a bold move I was interviewed for a video that introduced Scrum to the Nokia organization.

S60 Java team, which I was part of, was already using Scrum at that time. Incidentally, I was the scrum master of the eSWT team. Having scrum master experience was a rarity in Nokia back then and several member’s of the team had taken the test at that time.  After a few years later, scrum masters are no longer rare and I am glad to see that Nokia’s huge effort and experience started to become valuable for others outside Nokia.

Uhh… yes, eSWT scrum team scores around seven on the test.