Aug 20, 2009

OpenVG on Eclipse eRCP

I have posted earlier eRCP project is getting a Qt port for eSWT as a contribution from Nokia. The contribution is on its way and you should expect the first experimental eRCP builds on Linux soon. Qt announcement is an important one which enables that eRCP on more platforms. It also provides Eclipse community with a starting point for a full SWT port on Qt.

While the news of the Qt port is fresh, eRCP project received a new contribution for another UI technology. Microdoc is contributing Java bindings for OpenVG to eRCP project. OpenVG is an API designed for low level hardware accelerated 2D vector graphics. OpenVG is essentially a mobile device technology utilized mostly by cell phones and handhelds, therefore it is a good match for eRCP.

Contribution also includes samples for OpenVG. Once the contribution is blessed by the Eclipse legal process the team(with its new member from Microdoc) will work on it to integrate it with the existing eSWT ports and will create OSGi bundles for it.