Sep 9, 2009

Eclipse eRCP 1.3 on Linux Qt

eRCP team have been working day and night with eSWT port for Qt. We have resolved some of the immediate problems and integrated with the eRCP builds. An early access package for eRCP on Linux Qt now exists. You can download it form the usual eRCP downloads page. This is the very first attempt to create an eRCP package using our new Qt port, this means that it has problems. We want to fix them so please take time to report them.

Also under discussion, is creating similar eRCP distributions wherever Qt is present. However, we need help. We are short on people who can help with the packaging, testing and fixing stuff for other platforms. If you think you can help please drop a line to ercp-dev mailing list. 

If eRCP is not your thing but you think that a Qt port for SWT would be great, that idea is still on the table looking for backers. Please use the ercp-dev mailing list again to express your interest to help. I know that it is odd to express interest for full SWT on eSWT mailing list but until SWT community picks up the idea this will have to do.