Nov 2, 2009

What else have been keeping us busy

Nokia’s Java UIs team has been quite busy getting the eSWT port on Qt ready for the last 18 months, however what we have been working on has not been limited to eSWT port on Qt. We have been running a parallel project called OpenLCDUI. The goal of the project is to create an open source ready implementation of MIDP’s GUI toolkit (LCDUI) using eSWT.

Initially, the development is done using eSWT on Symbian while the rest of the team is getting the Qt port ready. As a result, OpenLCDUI is proven to be able to bring MIDP UI support to any platform that has eSWT. Since eSWT’s Qt port can run on any platform that Qt can the list of possible platforms is quite extensive. This implementation will be open sourced together with the rest of the S60 Java Runtime as mentioned here and will provide a cross-platform alternative to developing mobile Java UIs.

Nokia’s Java UI team also has some other interesting stuff cooking up that I will be posting about soon.