Aug 31, 2010

Oracle's dislike of MIDP 3.0

The final release of the JSR 271 Mobile Information Device Profile 3 (MIDP 3.0) specification was done on December 9 2009. Unlike the earlier specifications, Sun, uhm... well Oracle, is choosing to remain very low profile about MIDP 3.0. Oracle's Java ME SDK (which replaced WTK )have not yet rushed to implement MIDP 3.0 and the NetBeans IDE seems to ignore it. What really is the reason behind Oracle's silence over MIDP 3.0?

One may quickly assume that it is because the world has moved on and Android is the future representative of the Java language on mobile phones. Hence the lack of attention from Oracle about MIDP. Although, it is true that the attention of the Java world is upon Android and not on MIDP. I believe the reason is not simply about lack of attention.

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