Sep 27, 2010

New MTJ release available

Slowly but surely Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java (MTJ) project continues to improve. In coordination with the Eclipse Helios SR1 release, we had the MTJ 1.1.1 release.

If you have received MTJ through Pulsar package, you can receive your update for the new release from within Eclipse using Help->Check for Updates. Pulsar SR1 release can be installed from here. MTJ 1.1.1 is also available as a separate download and update site as well.

This is a bug fix release, notably it fixes the bug 312045 which was causing problems on the preverifier builder for some. Also improved is the Javadoc detection for most SDKs. The complete list of bugs fixed in the release is here, and the new & noteworthy has some details on the SDK detection. I am particularly happy about the improvement this feature brings to MTJs use with the Nokia Symbian SDKs.