Oct 24, 2010

Apple deprecates Java what about Nokia?

On a recent announcement, Nokia announced that she will be concentrating its focus to Qt and Qt Quick as the development platform for its internal and external developers. Furthermore, Nokia announced layoffs of as much as 1800 of its personnel. Almost simultaneously, Apple announced that it is deprecating the Java on Mac OS and will not be accepting Java applications to its newly announced MacOS App Store. If you recall Apple does not support Java on its iOS platform either. From the questions that I have been receiving, it looks like these news. although not related, caused concerns about the future of JavaMe on Nokia platforms, especially on Symbian.

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Oct 21, 2010

My boss asked me to use Orbit UI and I said No

You may have heard the announcements from Nokia that "Nokia Focuses on Qt to Extend Reach for Developers". This sentence actually does not make sense to those who are not familiar with the matter. Why should it? One would assume that Nokia, which acquired Trolltech -the maker of Qt- and became the maker of Qt, would be using Qt for all its internal and external development needs. Well, one would be wrong.

At the time, when Nokia acquired Qt, Nokia was in immediate need for a good looking, finger touch enabled UI toolkit with a complete API set. There were already efforts within Symbian organization to create a solution. This effort was fairly resourced and did have limited success. However, this solution did not really provide the ease of development, or a complete API set and we all know that getting those right requires a lot of work. As a result, Nokia did the best acquisitions of its history.

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