Mar 1, 2011

What Nokia announcements did not change?

You probably know about Nokia's announcement on its strategic direction. It is very likely that you have also read some analysis that has an analogy involving fire, platform and icy water. Unfortunately, neither those analysis nor the Nokia's own announcements did little help to software developers that are trying to understand the impact to them. So after listening to all that is happening inside Nokia as well, here is my assessment.

If you are a software developer that is targeting only MeeGo devices unfortunately Nokia will release limited number of devices using MeeGo. Unless other manufacturers can release MeeGo devices comparable to Nokia volumes, this will in turn cause the MeeGo application market to be small. You will need to decide for yourself if it is small enough to be negligible.

If you are a developer targeting on Symbian devices, very small has changed for you. Nokia is going to release as many Symbian devices as she can sell as long as it is (surprise!!) profitable. Also the current plans for improving Symbian will remain unchanged. These plans do not only involve only upcoming models but also include updates to the Symbian^3 phones that have been already sold. I can say that the development of improvements are commencing full speed. 

If you are a Qt developer, it is true that you are possibly loosing some possible future devices because of the MeeGo connection. However Symbian is and will continue to provide a very large market for mobile Qt applications. 

If you are a Java developer, you are not impacted at all. Just carry on, enjoy the largest device reach provided by S40 and Symbian phones, try to seize opportunities provided via Ovi store. Both S40 and Symbian Java platforms will continue to receive improvements as before. 

If you have Java or Qt skills then you still can combine your skills with the Ovi store and have a reach that no other platform can provide. Or you can choose to worry about changes that may happen in years to come and do not seize the opportunity.