Apr 18, 2011

What I am going to work on

Every now and then, I get an email telling about a colleague has moved to "new challenges" in the company. Personally, I do not like the use of  word challenge to describe a new position. It somehow resonates negative on me. Nevertheless, about a month ago my colleagues also received an email announcement of my move to Forum Nokia. Happily, my manager chose not to use the challenges cliché when announcing my new position.

Forum Nokia is the developer relationship organization of Nokia. My new job can shortly be described as creating a bridge between Nokia's R&D teams and the developers. In my case, I will be working for Java developers.

No job is interesting if there are no challenges in it, so the use of word challenge on those emails is correct. Mine is to help create a fun, profitable development platform based on Java for low end phones. A good part of my time will be spent on making Series 40 the below 100 euro phones that are based on it, a more favorable choice for Java developers. This does not mean Symbian Java is completely ignored but Java is the central development environment for Series 40, it will probably need more of my attention.

I did move to work with one of the most interesting challenge on the mobile world today.If you are interested in the opportunities that Nokia's Java platforms can provide you, keep on following and commenting to this blog and my twitter account.