Sep 25, 2011

Speaking at JavaOne 2011

This year, I will be hosting a session in JavaOne titled "Getting the Most Out of the Series 40 Java Platform". As the title suggests, The talk is about the Java platfrom on Series 40 devices. I will be focusing around three topics that I believe will be interesting to JavaME developers. (1) Series 40 APIs for creating superior apps. for Touch & Type style devices. (2) Location features on Series 40 devices. (3) Monetization opportunities with the Nokia Store.

My talk takes place on Wednesday (Oct. 5) at 11:30 AM. It is at the Powell I/II room on Parc 55.

If JavaME solutions, such as the Series 40 platform enables, is in your interest, I recommend the following sessions.
  • Small Screens Playing a Big Boys' Game: A Playbook for Java ME in Emerging Markets (24101)
    Time and Venue: Tuesday 06:30 PM, Parc 55 - Cyril Magnin I/II/III
  • Java Moving Out of the Box in Emerging Markets (22700)
    Time and Venue: Tuesday, 07:30 PM, Parc 55 - Mission-
  • Open Discussion on Emerging Markets (22721)
    Time and Venue: Tuesday, 03:00 PM, Parc 55 - Mission-

For those interested on the quality of the JavaME applications, my colleague Risto Helin is hosting a session together with a bunch of quality enthusiasts called Unified Testing Initiative (JavaVerified for you and me).
  • Why Operators and Manufacturers Are Passionate About Application Quality (25021)
    Time and Venue: Thursday, 11:00 AM, Parc 55 - Mission-

Have a nice JavaOne and see you there.