May 1, 2013

Hybrid Mobile Application Development with JBoss Tools

I have been working to create an Eclipse based tool for developing hybrid mobile applications since I have joined Red Hat a few months ago. The tool is a set of plugins that make it easier to develop Apache Cordova based applications by hiding the details of the target platforms and allowing the developer to concentrate on building the application using the web development techniques.

We are still on the early stages of the development and not complete yet (but we are getting there fast).  Here is a list of features you can try and give feedback today. The instructions on how to get the latest builds is available on the GitHub project.

  • New Hybrid Mobile Project wizard. Creates a project structure that is compatible with the cordova-cli projects
  • Run on iOS emulator. Creates and compiles a XCode project and runs it on the emulator
  • Run on Android emulator. Compiles an Android project and runs it on the emulator
  • Run on Android device. Runs the project on an Android device if there is one attached. I should also note that Android functionality does not require the ADT plugins to be present. 
  • Config.xml editor.  Provides editing support Cordova's flavour of w3c widget specification XML configuration 
For those who needs more visual encouragement to try the tools, here is a video that shows creation and running of a Cordova project on iOS emulator with the JBoss Tools. 

We have more features coming in which includes a simulator environment for Cordova apps based on Ripple together with live reload support. If you have ideas for more features open them on JBoss jira, better yet implement them and create pull request to the project.