Dec 6, 2016

A conference for Eclipse heads

Since, the first EclipseCon in 2004, that was held in Disneyland, Eclipse had a conference in US. I missed all the Disney music of 2004 and my first EclipseCon was in 2005 but I have presented on various EclipseCons since then. Throughout these years, I was able to observe the variances on interests for EclipseCon audiences. However it is a challenge to form an EclipseCon program that is equally interesting to developers of Eclipse technology and Eclipse users. This year the job had become a bit easier, to serve varying interests EclipseCon is teaming up with Devoxx US and becoming Eclipse Converge.

As part of the program committee for Eclipse Converge, my goal is to shape a program in the spirit of the early EclipseCons where the talks would be concentrated around building and innovating on Eclipse projects. If you have talks that are deep in Eclipse technology, please submit them. At least I will be voting for them.

And who knows we can bring the Disney music back to EclipseCon next year!